Q: Do I need to charge Cubic Trigger? How long does the battery last?
A: Cubic Trigger uses one CR2032 battery, so there is no need to charge. Without Geotagging, the battery lasts around half year. With Geotagging, the battery lasts around a month. These times are based off 4 hours of shooting time per day.
Q: Why does Cubic Trigger utilize Bluetooth 4.0(BLE) instead of WIFI?
A: Our goal is to provide a long-lasting and smooth user experience. WIFI requires a high capacity battery and drains the power really quickly. With BLE, Cubic Trigger only requires one CR2032 battery and has a long battery life.
Q: Can Cubic Trigger duplicate my camera display to my phone?
A: No, Cubic Trigger cannot duplicate your camera display to your phone. We wanted to keep Cubic Trigger small and light. Duplicating the camera display would make the device big and heavy and the battery would last only a few hours as well. Our goal is to provide a long-lasting and smooth user experience.
Q: Does Cubic Trigger support mirror lock-up?
A: Yes, Cubic Trigger supports mirror lock-up.
Q: Does Cubic Trigger support cameras that don't have a wired remote feature?
A: No, Cubic Trigger does NOT support cameras without a wired remote feature.
Q: Why is GeoTagging only supported for Nikon cameras?
A: Cubic Trigger sends the GPS data to Nikon Cameras via the cable without using extra power. Canon cameras can send data via the cable, but it would require an extra battery and hardware, so this feature does is NOT supported for Canon cameras. Currently, other brands cannot transmit data via the cable.
Q: Can Cubic Trigger be used to video record on my camera?
A: Yes, but only for some cameras. Cubic Trigger functions by controlling the shutter button on the camera. Most cameras have a separate button for video recording which Cubic Trigger has no way of operating. So for these types of cameras, Cubic Trigger cannot be used to record video.

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